Moveout Data Seismic Services Ltd Seismic Data Transcription

EXPLORATION DATA AUDITS & governance, seismic data tape transcription & MEDIA CONVERSION, data copy & CUT, REFORMAT, NAV/SEIS MERGE, sega, segb, segc, segd, segy, segrode, 9track, 3480, 3490E, 3590, 3592, 8mm, lto, dlt, USB, NAVIGATION DATA PROCESSING and QC, SEISMIC DATA PROCESSING and QC, Oil Exploration Data Management TRAINING, MAP  DIGITIZING & SECTION vectorization

  • Data audit & management service
  • Any tape read - 9 Track, 3480, 3490E, 3590, 3592, 8mm, DLT, LTO, 4mm DAT 
  • Any format read - SEG A, B, C, D, Y plus proprietary internal formats
  • Straight data copy - Volumes of data copied or transcribed to current SEG D revision onto media of your choice
  • Navigation data QC & reprocessing - P190, P294, P1/11, P2/11
  • Nav / Seis merge
  • Suites of displays, header listings & attribute diagnostics, such as RMS, brute stacks & near trace cube
  • Edits examined and flagged in header
  • Observer & navigation logs transcribed & updated
  • Data written in SEGY format in any sort order onto modern storage media, together with associated metadata
  • Entire output datasets read back on different drives to those they were written on for complete confidence
  • Data catalogued & labelled exactly to your requirements (including 1D, 2D barcodes, RFID tags, EBCDIC)
  • Data Storage in temp and humidity controlled vaults, with VESDA smoke detection and FM200 fire suppression gas systems
  • Advanced scanning & vectorization of legacy seismic sections - written to SEGY or saved as high resolution image file
  • Map digitizing, document scanning and plotting​
  • ​Oil Exploration Data Management Training Course – Technical data governance and practicals