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Moveout Data Seismic Services Ltd Seismic Data Transcription

Metaseis® is Moveout Data's proprietary seismic and navigation data QC & processing software.

Metaseis® has been developed in house to deal specifically with the requirements of our service needs. From forensically identifying problems with data formats, to reformatting seismic data, displays of seismic and navigation data, preparation of reports and the merging of navigation information into the seismic data header.

By developing our own software in house, we believe that the client benefits from a data transcription and QC service that is tailored to their individual specifications. Standards are maintained across the company, and overhead costs are considerably reduced without the need to purchase multiple copies of expensive, third party software licenses.​


  • ​Seismic data dump and forensic format investigation (all formats)
  • ​Plotting and analysis of seismic and navigation data
  • ​QC analysis for field data, automatic detection of noisy and dead traces
  • ​​Reformat to desired format (SEG-Y, latest versions of SEG-D)
  • Near trace / common offset cube creation
  • 3D Time slice displays
  • 2D Stack displays with intersection verification to check for miss-ties
  • Arial displays of selected headers (e.g. fold)
  • Arial displays of RMS values
  • Manipulation of EBCDIC headers and binary headers
  • Concatenation of multiple files
  • Includes automatic reports and plots directly to PDF files
  • Customised tape labels, with bar code
  • ​​Additional tape utilities allow construction of customised scripts for repetitive tasks such as tape to disk, disk to tape and tape to tape copying