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EXPLORATION DATA AUDITS & governance, seismic data tape transcription & MEDIA CONVERSION, data copy & CUT, REFORMAT, NAV/SEIS MERGE, sega, segb, segc, segd, segy, segrode, 9track, 3480, 3490E, 3590, 3592, 8mm, lto, dlt, USB, NAVIGATION DATA PROCESSING and QC, SEISMIC DATA PROCESSING and QC, Oil Exploration Data Management TRAINING, MAP  DIGITIZING & SECTION vectorization

3D surveys spanning 1000’s of vintage tapes can now be transcribed to modern media fitting inside a single pelican case.
Whole 2D surveys can be transcribed onto a single tape.

Raw data, final processed data and metadata can all be saved onto same media and stored safely together.

Click on the LINK for an introduction to seismic data transcription.

​​​Our team have worked on projects for all these major O&G companies.

We are ready to work and have representation in Europe, USA, Brazil, Middle East, Africa and Australasia. 

Not got a clear picture of the data you own?

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​Moveout Data are a dynamic team of geophysical and navigation experts in seismic acquisition, QC, processing, G&G data management and systems software.

We share over 250 years of  industry experience. 

We cover Marine, Land and Ocean Bottom Seismic.

​We use our own proprietary software Metaseis® to deliver our services.

​ Our remastering solution offers navigation merge, streamlining, cleansing and standardisation of your data media count to obtain a vastly reduced and verified ‘processing-ready’ volume. 

Your new seismic library is compact and simple enough to store in-house, putting you back in charge of your own data.